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1. Google hypothyroidism and hope you have it. I feel tired! I’ve gained weight! My face IS puffy! 

2. Shop online for swimsuits that you know will fit better once you get your thyroid in check and the three thousand feet of snow melts!

3. Open the hall closet and vow today will be the day you finally organize it. Walk away.

4. Go back to closet and hide with coffee and Oreos while a melee ensues in family room during Wii u.

5. Twist ankle in closet on weights you would be using if you didn’t have an obvious thyroid condition.

6. Limp to unload dishwasher and realize you forgot to run it last night. See! My hypothyroidism is making me forgetful! Or was it the vino? Wait.

7. Text your friends to see if they want to come over for a playdate happy hour.

8. Answer the door, invite your friends in, don’t hang their coats in the closet because it’s a mess covered in Oreo crumbs and coffee splatter, and explain to them over a random assortment of party snacks you had in the house that you have a thyroid problem.

9. Google hypothyroidism and show them your awesome WebMD’ing.

10. Drink more wine and call endocrinologist to see if they offer group discounts. Indignantly shout, “NO! This isn’t a joke!” when they challenge you, and tell them,  ”Then we’re happy to book with the place I saw on Groupon that comes with a free trip to Mexico!”





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My late grandmother used to say, “There’s good and bad in every race—even the Irish.”

Her point–while not exactly accurate (are butt white Irish descendants such as moi REALLY a race???) was well taken by me.

Over the past several years, my blog, this blog, has ebbed and flowed from the silly to the funny to the sparingly somber. I’ve dabbled in DIY, and now am working full time and as such, haven’t had time to share a lot with you (five) readers who have hung in there.

But I don’t think I can be true to myself and be silent right now.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve watched, mostly silently, as collectively “the police” have been maligned in social media. Mostly by strangers; sometimes by friends. I’m not here to debate what happened in Missouri and New York City. I am not looking for an argument. What I’m looking for is some understanding. Some perspective. I’m looking for someone to acknowledge that the police do a damn difficult job. They make split second decisions. They are real people who have real spouses and real children who want them to come home at night. They are not superheroes. Nor are they villians.

They are not murderers.

I’m not here to sanctify the police. But conversely, my question is, why are so many villifying the police? Why are the police guilty til proven innocent, while law breakers seem to be innocent til proven guilty?

Am I taking this personally? Damn right I am. My late grandfather and late father were with the Boston Police. My brother is a police officer. So, yes. It’s personal.

Every time I see an officer get killed in the line of duty, it’s personal. Today, two New York police officers were executed in cold blood. Their names are Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

Will you remember their names five minutes from now? Five hours from now? Five days from now? Five weeks, months, years from now?

Eight years ago, a police officer was shot in the line of duty in a neighboring community. His name was Michael Briggs. It’s been eight years, but I still remember the story. I remember his name. Where he lived. He was a bike cop. He went to help someone and was ambushed. I remember the accounts that when he left for work that fateful and seemingly routine day 8 years ago, he kissed his boys goodbye and his wife. In interviews I think she said he pecked her on the cheek–I believe she was at the stove, and that life was so busy she merely glanced as he headed out the door and she said she saw the bottoms of his shoes. I’ll never forget that part. I’ve had mornings like that with my husband. The big blur with the kids and the rushing and the routine and the whole nine. But I always expected my husband to come home. And he has. I didn’t marry a police officer. I don’t know that I honestly could have. Could you?

I’m sure Michael Briggs’ wife thought she’d see him at the end of that day. That he’d be there to bring home milk and look at report cards and put bikes together. But someone killed him in cold blood. I wrote the following eight years ago and it was published in the local paper. I think it’s time to republish it. I want people to know….I want people who are plumbers and bankers and engineers to know….there is good and bad in every profession, in every race, even the Irish, even the police.

As my father used to say, “Everyone hates a cop til they need a cop.” The next time you are maligning one, try to imagine needing one. When you call, will they come?

Of course.

It’s their job. And likely, their calling.

To the editor:

I am deeply saddened by the brutal and senseless murder of Officer Michael Briggs. My heart goes out to his family, both immediate, as well as his family within the police department.

His murder hits home for me, as my father was a Boston Police detective for 36 years and my brother is currently a police sergeant. It is the worst fear of every wife, husband, son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, friend of a police officer that their loved one will be hurt or worse, killed in the line of duty. Before my siblings and I were even born, my father was shot in the line of duty, but lucky for all of us he survived. If not, I would not even be here to write this letter.

The general public does not see what police officers do every day both in plain view and quietly behind the scenes. I think most people don’t give a thought to what the police do. Some people think the police are “out to get them”, or that they just pull people over for speeding—not for safey reasons but just because they can, or they think they ride around town eating doughnuts! What they do is maintain safety in our communities, sometimes putting their own lives in peril to protect the lives of you and me and our loved ones. For all this, they receive a salary that by most people’s estimation would not be nearly enough, and worse, they encounter the obvious disdain of some and the lack of respect and understanding of many.

The average person doesn’t know how much stress an officer brings home after work. These folks are real people with real emotions. They sometimes see the worst of what the human race has to offer. So when an officer investigates a child molestation or a brutal assault or rape or a heinous murder or a hate crime, they carry that with them. They feel for the victims and for the family of the victims they encounter more than most people would ever imagine. The majority of police officers get into this line of work because they genuinely want to help others. They want to prevent terrible crimes from happening, but when they unfortunately do, they take very seriously their responsiblity to apprehend and see that the perpetrators are off the streets so they can’t harm others. Finally, they hope these perpetrators will be appropriately punished by our sometimes all too lenient judicial system.

The police work on holidays, their children’s birthdays, during little league practices, dance recitals and wedding anniversaries. They work in 100 degree heat and on freezing cold days and in the pouring rain when the rest of us are happily hibernating. They are the ones who will make you sigh with relief when they pull up when you’re broken down on a dark road late at night or curse under your breath when you’re pulled over going 80 in a 65—even if they are only trying to save you from hurting yourself or others. They will be the first to arrive if you call in trouble and the last person you will think to thank when crime is down where you live and all is well in your world. They will put their life in jeopardy in an instant to save you, whether you are a doctor or 7-Eleven clerk, whether you are a saint or a sinner, whether they know you or not.

They are people who play Santa at social services Christmas parties, who quietly collect donations and pool their own money to buy toys and food for kids during the holidays who otherwise wouldn’t have anything. They are the ones who try to positively influence kids who might not have any role models in their lives and who are at risk of getting into trouble.

Michael Briggs died doing his job, a job that countless others do every day. I hope that most people will stop and pause and appreciate Michael Briggs for the heroism he displayed not just the day he was shot and killed, but every day he had the courage to show up for his job. The next time you see a police officer, maybe you could pause a minute and thank them for being a professional who does a thankless job, or say a silent prayer that they will be safe another day to see their family..



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*Wayfair supplied me with a gift card which I used to purchase three pillows and a throw. All opinions, like ‘em are not, are my own, as usual!*

It’s dark at 4, south of thirty degrees, my car wouldn’t start after work, and running away from home to Cancun is not an option.

Send for me, Guillermo!

(OH stop. I’m just kidding! Unless your name is Guillermo. And you live in a hacienda with sweeping ocean views and unlimited margaritas.)

Fine. Plan B. It’s time to poof up the nest. A fluff and buff, if you will. If we have to hibernate, ain’t no reason we can’t do it in style!

My family room was badly in need of a refresh. Let’s not talk about the sectional that is taking on a life and shapes of its own. It’s clearly dying a slow death. BUT. BUT! A few fun pillows in a lively, colorful zig zag pattern winterizes and cozies up the lighter summer pillows without being all, woh, woh, woh, WINTER. By the way, you can click on any of these pictures for a closer look.

A little zig zag punch? Look out old man winter!

A little zig zag punch? Look out old man winter!

I love how the colors pick up on the neutral wall and couch color but the pops of blue and coral play to the blues I have in the other pillows, the curtains, the lamps, and the coral hits the dresserturnedtvstand.


Zig zag pillow comes to life with coral dresser turned tv stand in the vicinity!

Zig zag pillow comes to life with coral dresser turned tv stand in the vicinity!

Do you like my mad photography skillz? I don't mean to brag, but I have an iphone 4s and I am not afraid to misuse it.

Do you like my mad photography skillz? I don’t mean to brag, but I have an iphone 4s and I am not afraid to misuse it.

Close up?


Close up?

Close up?


A new quilted throw pretty enough to liven up a brown leather recliner but warm and big enough to snuggle under–I’m in.

Fun print, right? Whatever winter!

Fun print, right? Whatever winter!


I’ll just gaze at my fun zig zag pillows from my comfy recliner. That is not in Mexico, yet still bueno.

Wayfair was kind enough to give me a 15% off coupon code to share with you lovely muffintoppers. 15% off, good from November 20-24….and let me tell you, you can do some damage on the cheap there. I got the three zig zag pillows, plus the throw, for under $100 bones. Here it is: WFPTP15

Some other faves I considered?

Sunshine in a soft ottoman right here for under fitty bucks! Love it. Already have an ottoman, as pictured, to hold my vino, but if I hadn't, this would be MINE!

Sunshine in a soft ottoman right here for under fitty bucks! Love it. Already have an ottoman, as pictured, to hold my vino, but if I hadn’t, this would be MINE!


LOVE this pillow and it's a bargain to boot. This pillow punches winter in the face. I wish I bought it but it would have clashed with the pillows I already had.

LOVE this pillow and it’s a bargain to boot. This pillow punches winter in the face. I wish I bought it but it would have clashed with the pillows I already had.


Not gonna lie. Just want to wear this throw!

Not gonna lie. Just want to wear this throw!

So…maybe we can’t make a run for the border, but we can cozy our nest as we flip winter THE BIRD!!!!!

Speaking of? So cute, right?????!!


Happy winter!

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I love the Pat’s. I love my beers. I love my party snacks. But people, tonight is my Superbowl.

The Pat’s are Pop Warner…it’s politics that make me jump out of my seat and I am front row flippin’ from channel to channel, website to website.

The choices I face at the polls, quite frankly, seem abysmal at times. But I have a choice, nonetheless. A voice. The results aren’t always everything I want. They rarely are. But I love the process. I love the fight. I love that we have the right to fight. And if I forget for one second how lucky I am, I only have to look around the world to remind myself that living in a democracy is not only my right, but my privilege, and one that countless others aren’t lucky enough to enjoy. If I have a legacy to give my kids, it will be that they understand this one simple yet profound fact.

And some day I will tell them about the whiteboard. Because no one did election results like Tim Russert. The whiteboard. The unbridled passion. The master of the puzzle that is the political map.

Their dad and their uncle can wax poetic about Yaz and Bobby Orr. Larry Bird and the Hail Mary pass. I have visions of a whiteboard.

I will always love the process. I will respect the results, love them or hate them. And always on election night, I will miss the political genuis that was Tim Russert and his ever changing white board.



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It’s not really stalking if you’re at an official event, right?

So goes the story. Kathie Lee Gifford has a new line of wines out (in conjunction with a winery in Monterey) called, Gifft. I wanted to picture her stomping grapes like I Love Lucy but alas, no.




The wine comes in two varieties, Chardonnay and Red Blend. (Red Blend? Ooh, it’s a mystery!) KLG visited a market down the street from my house to promote her new vino yesterday. Kathie Lee, wine, the chance to pimp my book to a woman who relishes cocktailing at 11 AM? How could I NOT? Some people dream of playing major league baseball or finding a cure for cancer. I just wanna sip some chard with KLG and Hoda.

Stop. It’s not nice to judge.




I came, I saw, we faux hugged, I gave her a copy of my book, Mommy Mixology: A Cocktail for Every Calamity. Which, for all I know, later hit the circular file at the market though she did graciously accept it!



Tick, tock. Not sure why my people I haven’t heard from her people yet? It’s been almost 24 hours! Don’t KLG and Hoda know how much fun sipping cocktails with me could be!? For the love of God, I’m a professional! And, I’m even willing to even endure the mental anguish of seeing my muffin top x an extra ten lbs!

Until then, I’ll be enjoying the GIFFT at home. In my polka dot jammies. I knew you’d be wondering if this stuff was any good, so as a public service to you my bestest readers, I twisted open the chard to test it! The hubs and I found it to be quite light and refreshing. And as you know, we are quite the wine afficionados. (NO.)




But hey, we like what we like and there is no shame in that! Sometimes I find chards to be kind of heavy and this was not–I truly enjoyed it. And clearly, this is not a sponsored post. I stalked it out and paid cash money for the vino!

My only complaint with this wine is it’s a twist off. I’m not implying that makes it inferior as I know there has been much debate about this in the wine world—it’s only because I like to save my corks to make fun crafts at Christmas. Geek alert. But, otoh, yay for twist off if you’re travelling and don’t want to deal with toting a wine opener. Nuttin’ worse than finding yourself in a square hotel room in East Bumblebee staring helplessly at a bottle with no opener, am I right? (Now who’s a dummy for travelling with beer in a can???) I picked the red up for a friend so I’ll have to let you know what she thinks! Red + Muffintopmommy = fetal position! No bueno. Until then, for the good of my Christmas list, I’ll keep pressing on with mah corks……salud!









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In 2013, the unthinkable happened when bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people, including a boy, and harming 264 others. As the world looked on in horror, Boston responded in a way that demonstrated a tenacity and spirit that has always been the undercurrent of that city. Boston showed the world that despite being assaulted on one of its most glorious days, a day that it proudly hosted runners and their families from across the globe, it was strong. Boston strong. As I wrote in the hours that followed that horrific day, Boston is grit and determination. Boston is courage. Boston is PRIDE. Boston doesn’t bow to queens. Or crazies. And definitely not to terrorists.

All that said, what wasn’t so clear, was how the Boston Red Sox would become improbable 2013 World Series Champions at a time when a broken city needed it most. This team, who twelve months before finished LAST in the American league, won the World Series for Boston, in Boston, for a people that badly needed something to smile about.

Forever & Ever Books of Wellesley, Massachusetts proudly announces the publication of This Is Our City: How the 2013 Red Sox Kept Boston Strong. It’s a lovely 32 page hardbound, illustrated book for children of all ages. It can be purchased on Amazon or at Forever & Ever Books. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Jimmy Fund and the One Fund Boston charities.



However, you can enter here to win a free copy! Just leave your name in a comment below and you will be entered into a raffle to win a copy of this beautiful book. Name will be drawn on Friday, October 10th.

*I received a complimentary copy of This Is Our City to facilitate this review and one for the raffle. All opinions are my own, as always!



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Okay, I’ll start.

Recently I decided to come out of retirement and seek full time employment. (Please feel free to besiege me with offers–I’m hard working, make awesome coffee, and can totally talk Modern Family and the Sox at the water cooler. I like to be paid well and frequently. I’ll wait patiently for your call–thanks!) Before you can procure an exciting new opportunity, we all know, you have to work the interview circuit.

Dun, dun, dun, dun.

As I prepared for some interviews the other day, I was laughing remembering the most bizarre interview I ever, ever had. I was interviewing for a position with a company that was based in Kansas City. They flew me out to the barbeque capital (yum) for a series of interviews. I left New Hampshire at the crack, on Valentine’s Day, and bonus, had a massive head cold. What do you do if you have a massive head cold and a company has already paid to fly you half way across the country? You get yo A&* on that plane and pound cold meds!

I get there, everyone is lovely, I have an interview with a few people, and then they tell me the CFO is going to take me to lunch. At this point, my ears are pretty well blocked but I’m rolling along on nervous energy and Hall’s. (Was the nervous energy from the interviews or the 375 Halls? We’ll never know.) So the CFO seems like a nice fellow, but I, the extrovert, who is interviewing for a sales and management type job, is making note that he is clearly a buttoned up, quiet, numbers guy, and I remind myself not to be too OUTGOINGHIIMOUTGOINGLETMESCAREYOUWITHMYPERSONALITYQUIETGENTLEMAN.

We get to the lunch place, sit down, and ohmahgawd there is a barbershop quartet of four adorable older men who are clearly loving life…..and yet? Despite their combined ages and presumed life experiences are incapable of realizing the buttoned up CFO fifteen years my senior and I are not a couple…and they proceed to stop at our table and PLAY US A SONG. Like a goopy, sappy, lovey song.

Because that isn’t awkward!

In fact, they proceed to blast the tunes all over the lunch place, so between my blocked ears and them spreading the love, I had to keep clasping my ear and saying, “Excuse me, could you please repeat that?” to my new CFO boyfriend. Because not seeming like you are listening intently is always awesome on an interview!


As luck would have it, all ended well and I got the job! Cupid must have been smiling down on me. So much so, that the man who was driving me to the airport later that night? Made a quick phone call and then stopped on the side of the highway, got out with flowers, and gave them to his wife who had also stopped in the breakdown lane. Part of me was all, “Awwww” and part of me was like this is cute but I hope an 18 wheeler doesn’t hit us–does this rig have airbags? But really, I guess you haven’t lived til your guy woos you by the side of the road while a strange, mentholyptis smelling passenger looks on!

Weirdest interview day/Valentine’s Day ever!!!!! But I have to say thinking about it is making me much less nervous about any future interviews I might have, because really? What could be weirder?!!!!

What have you got???? Come on, tell us!


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