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A few months ago, a friend sent me an invitation to something called, “Pinterest”. Have you heard of it? I didn’t know what it was at first so I did what I always do when I don’t know what something is….nothing. (I put the I in initiative.) Then I got another invitation so I took the next step, set up an account under my alias, Muffintopmommy, and promptly forgot all about it. Til one day a few weeks ago when a funtastic muffintopper pointed me to a recipe blog called skinnytaste (nom, nom, low fat goodness!) whose glorious recipe pictures led me back to……Pinterest.

People? 2012 is the year I met my personal crack cocaine.

It was a circuitous route, but like all addicts, I perservered. And once I got there? It was the point of no return—I was ALL in. So now what? Naturally, Iwanna do like most good junkies do…. give others a taste and suck you all down my wayward path. That’s right. After being asked several times last week by friends what Pinterest is, I feel it is now my obligation to spread the good word. (I’m not going door to door. That’s just silly. It’s January in New Hampshire and this territory is owned by Girl Scouts right now. Have you ever tried to cross a sash clad, ponytailed, four foot tall ninja carrying an order form for the holy grail of minty cookies? Don’t. Just don’t. Just smile and give them all your money.)

Wanna come along? Consider this Pinterest 101. Right here. Right now. Time to woman up. This isn’ t for sissies. And it can be confusing. After one friend emailed me asking me to explain it and why it was so addictive, I sent her an email that I thought made sense, to which she responded:

“Ok, I think I kind of get it.  I can pin things to my board and they will stay there if I want to go back to them?  Do you share stuff with others?  I take it back…I don’t think I get it at all.”

She seemed down, so I emailed her back, “You is smart. You is kind. You is important.” Thank you, Pinterest, for reminding me of that phenomenal quote from The Help! I love you Aibileen, I love you!

People who are smart, kind, and important still often can’t grasp the concept of Pinterest because you see, it’s one of those things that’s harder to explain than it is to actually do. I know that sounds weird, but my best recommendation is to jump in with both feet and try it. You do need an invitation from someone who’s already on Pinterest. I know, it’s super exclusive. That’s why I am surprised I got an invite. (But really…if you need an invite, email me and I’ll send you one.)

So here’s my best stab at ‘splaining it. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Did you ever cut out pictures from a magazine of things you liked… a fun outfit? A wedding dress? A cool looking kitchen? A yummy recipe? And pin them to an actual corkboard? (Yeah, me neither, but I kinda wish I did.) I hear people who aren’t like me (read:organized) do, or they carefully file these clippings away for future reference/inspiration.

Well now, even disorganized dopes with no initiative can display everything we love! The really crack coke part of it is, you can follow what others display too, and “repin” what they have displayed on your corkboards. And you can have dozens and dozens of corkboards showcasing anything and everything your muffin top desires! For example, I have categories like, “The Yummies” for recipes, “The funny” for hilarious sayings, “Shoes and clothes and shoes, oh my!” for houses (Der, clothes and shoes! Just making sure you’re paying attention–this is so not important!) ,  and “Let’s Get Physical” for exercise tips. I even have a board called, “People I Want To Have A Beer With” and “People I’m Allowed To Cheat On The Hubs With”! Calm down! Stop calling me Newt. It’s just for funnies and let’s face it, Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights isn’t into me hasn’t returned any of my  calls, text messages, or emails.

And who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane? Someone’s pin totally brought me back and led me to the greatness of this 70′s commercial:

Time for Timer!

Makes me teary. And inspiration? Is at your fingertips, my friends!

Can you even guess where I found this fat-tastic weight loss inspiration? Who needs to pay for Weight Watchers! Pfft!

 So pin those yummy recipes, Julia! Showcase the most fashionable outfits you’ll never fit into or be able to buy, Gisele! Pine away for that perfect porch to have a cocktail on, Martha! Be inspired to conquer your muffin top, um, Muffintopmommy!

See, Pinterest is almost like the life we wish we had or everything we aspire to be: in shape, well dressed, well spoken, well intentioned, grammatically correct, repurposing, funny, inspirational, selves……..who drive fantastic cars, cook like famous chefs, sip gorgeous cocktails on sweeping verandas whilst taking time to smell the perfectly pruned hydrangeas.

Mama can dream. Mama.can.dream. Don’t we all deserve a break, if only virtual, from cars covered in winter’s salt, shirts we bought because they were on clearance at Target, and humdrum dinners we could assemble in our sleep?

But hey, just don’t blame me if you’re soon writing status updates on your Facebook page like I did last week:

Dear Pinterest, thanks for making me hungry, hate my clothes, and want a new baby. I would complain, but your inspirational messages prevent me from not appreciating the wonderful kids I have, the (mediocre) food I cook, and (nerd herd) clothes I wear! Well played, Pinterest, well played.

Don’t hate the playah, just hate the game.

**You can even pin blogs! But apparently putting a pinterest button on my blog so you can follow me or pin my blog….is above my pay grade. I tried. And failed. On Pinterest, I’m much more talented…..so if you’re looking for me? Try there. And if anyone finds a blog post giving the 411 on that, pin it baby, pin it!

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DUDE! I’m so glad you are finally on Pinterest! It still remains my most favoritest (yes, that’s a word) time-suck! I also love it when my friends make the downward spiral into Pinterest. It’s no fun being addicted to something all by yourself, right?


Well, well! If it isn’t Miss Janet Twohig! Haha!! I always thought you were a riot – this just confirms it ;-) So happy to have discovered Muffintopmommy – I look forward to reading more!! Hope you are well!
Dyan :)


@Clare….damn straight girl…first we suck in a few friends…and then the world! (Insert evil laugh!)

@Dyan OMG! Longcrazylong time no see/chat/what! Wow, so glad you found my blog and great to hear from you!!! Thank you–keep in touch. I hope you’re doing great…hold on while I go try to Facebook stalk you. HEE!!!


Oh man, I thought it was PINT interest, and that we’d be talking about beer. I’m totally disappointed, and now I really need a drink.


Amelia! OMG! You totally need to start a spin off of pinterest..who better than you? Do it!! I’m laughing out loud right now..thank you…um, and also wanting a beer, but damn, it’s only 1:45 and I’m pretty sure social services frowns on that shizz!


my goal this week is to figure out how to integrate it into my photography business…so much advice, I wish someone would just do it for me so I can just look for more pretty images to inspire people with :)


You would find so much inspiration there…as well as a bunch of other stuff that would be one big, albeit fun, time suck. But you could NEVER sub out doing Pinterest…it’s like asking someone to look at a pic for you and give you their impression….gotta see it yourself! (Pinterest should totally be paying me!! HA!)


Tempting! VERY tempting! I’ve been trying hard to resist Pinterest but now armed with actual instructions on how to do it? It’s pulling me…pulling hard…must resist…resistance is futile…AAAHHHHHHHH!

(It’s probably not a good sign that while reading your post I started to come up with my own categories. “Craft projects I want to do but never will”, “Clothes that don’t look good on my body type.” Crap! I’m screwed!)


I WANT to join the party.

I’ve gotten invites like crazy, but I get there AND DON”T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO.

I just sit and go…der…now what.

ALSO, everytime I go over to Pinterest it tells me I need an invite.

I HAVE LIKE 50 already!!


I’ve been fiddling around with it, but I just can’t get swept away like others (whom I recruited!) have been. Maybe it will happen really, really soon. But not today.


Dear Pinterest, thanks for making me hungry, hate my clothes, and want a new baby.

Cracked me up.

And I just went back there again: still don’t get it.


Love it and btw the way …
My name is Nicole and I too am a Pinterest junkie …


You are too funny! I will confess…I am totally anti-Pinterest, because I just don’t have time in my life for anything else that takes away from my non-online time. Between work, blogging, FB, Twitter, and any other sites I check on a daily basis, I just don’t need anything else to add into the mix. I refuse to even check it out for fear of getting sucked in!


Forewarning though, DO NOT mix a late night, sans hubby, cold meds and ice cream with pinterest. Heaven help me, I have my credit card memorized and I did serious damage. Bad me!

Otherwise, the thing rocks! It is online nirvana.


Damn. I was so expecting to see my pic under people you want to have a beer with…*sigh*


@Lily..you’re halfway there…don’t fight it!
@Alexandra…you’re cracking me up if you really commented twice….also, you so popular!
@Kristin…you are a strong, strong woman!
@Nicole….admitting it is the first step. Welcome, sister! Coffee and doughnuts in the back!


@Mary..I give you 3-6 months….no really, staty strong, sister!
@Alyson…omg, how have I not thought to buy anything>???GasP!!
@Linda…you know you’re next, Linda. I just needed your permission….I know what happened to the last guy who took the liberty of posting your mug without permission! Whta kind of hoops do I have to jump through? You know I so wanna!


Pinterest is the devil dressed in angel wings! I will eat the apple and repent later!!!!

You can google “how to add a pin it button to your blog” and there are directions, but it’s a pain in the ass! And it doesn’t pin a certain post, it pin’s the whole blog. Kinda making it a waste since the whole point of pinning is to take directly back to that spot. But that’s just my opinion. Pin away!! :)


@Brianne…you are so right, girl! Thanks for the scoop on how to add the pin. I did what wordpress said to do, but nuthin’….I am so computer challenged. But you’re right, seems kind of random and pointless anyway, huh?


I can’t do Pinterest. It’s like my brown liquor of the Internet. Other people love it, but it just turns me off.


@Libby Wha? No comprendo. You’ll get the last laugh. I can feel it. (Re: the brown liquor….try a diff mixer!)


So glad my favorite Beer Drinking Bridesmaid is a fellow crackhead with me! Let’s all join Pinterest and FAIL together! Yay!!


Yes, @Dawn! Let’s fail together, one pin at a time! Schlemiel, Schlimazel!
OH, we’re gonna do somethin’ all right!


Thanks for shedding some light on pinterest. I’ve been hearing so much about it, now I understand it! (which is good, since it appears to be a rising star in social media–I recently read that pinterest beat YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace for percentage of total referral traffic in January!)


@Lisa, thanks! Let me know if you join so I can follow you!


So…… I’ve heard of Pinterest’s crack-like qualities and resisted the temptation, even deleted my invitations to join so I would not be caught in a moment of weakness! Then……I read your Einstein quote. Now I know I need Pinterest! Do you have a moment to spare me an invitation?


@Liz….I’m going to apologize in advance….for sending you an invitation to addiction!!!!! :) Happy pinning?


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