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"I'M JUST TRYING TO TREAT MY FAMILY TO A LITTLE FUN!" --photo courtesy of photobucket


Are you filling up the family truckster and hitting the open road this summer? (Take me with youuuuuuuuuu!) Stop and Shop is here to help put the swagga back into your wagon. They have graciously offered to give a $50 gas gift card to one lucky Muffintopmommy reader and one Muffintop (moi!).

You know you’re a solid grown up when receiving a $50 gas gift card makes you go BOOM like Santa’s on your roof! But seriously, I’ve been saving on my gas for years at the Stop and Shop right in my town. Never mind the rewards you can rack up, their everyday gas prices are typically the best around. Getting gas there is a no brainer. (And with the scratch I save on gas, I don’t feel one bit guilty dropping into Stop and Shop for some vino!)

With Stop and Shop gas rewards, it’s easy keep more money in your pocket for Hamburger Helper, rocking plaid pants, and other miscellaneous funsies (see above–ahem) —and there are many ways to save. First, while you’re doing your grocery shopping. Stop and Shop has tons of every day items throughout the store that are marked “Gas Rewards”. You can plan ahead by seeing the participating items in the sale flyer each week. Baby items, flowers (they have a kick arse floral department!) and other household items are included in addition to groceries–woot!

Here’s how it works:

  • Save 10¢ per gallon for every 100 points you earn.
  • You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend with your Stop & Shop card.
Points Savings
100 10¢/gallon
200 20¢/gallon
300 30¢/gallon
…up to $2.20/gallon!

Up to $2.20 a gallon! That is crazycakes!

Not sure where your nearest Stop and Shop is located? Find one near you by visiting their website.

To enter to win the gift card, please leave your first name and last initial and tell me if you’ve ever saved on gas at Stop and Shop and what fun thing you might do with your savings. Please enter by Friday, July 4th at 11:59 EST. Winner will be announced on mah blog on July 5th!

Stop and Shop is giving me a $50 gift card to facilitate this review/offer. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As usual. Like it or not. :)

Cheers to summah!!!!!!!!!!


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I have saved on gas at S&S. I used to love the promo when they gave you the coupons and you could accumulate enough to save big $$. I think once I was able to get my gas for .99 a gallon. Woo Hoo. If I won this gift card, I would use it to put gas in our gas guzzling 2002 GMC Yukon for our trip to Prince Edward Island the end of the month!


I love the S&S gas station! I use their Peapod Service too to rack up those all important points too! Like the birds in Capistrano, our college kids have returned home and the summer trips are locked and ready to go! I’ve saved big time with those points – its truly made the difference in our home. Four cars = four tanks; trust me those coupons make a big difference. We are stay-’cationers extraordinaire! We are planning to go the White Mountain Valley in NH, the Maine Coast, both Cape Ann and Cape Cod MA, Newport RI, and then off to Montreal, Canada. Mama could use a break today and get a killer cup of joe and a free tank of gas–oh yea, dream big I say!


With the price of gas today it’s the only place I go to get my gas:) And if I won $50 for gas I would use it to get away from my kids this summer and go to the beach by myself!


Yes! I’ve saved money using my stop n shop card on gas! If I had this gift card, I would use the savings to grab some picnic food and hit Newcastle Commons with my hubby and son.


We don’t have a Stop n Shop anywhere near us, but for $50 i could afford to find one! If I won, I’d buy a 12-pack of domestic beer in a can. And maybe share it with the Muffintop.
-Dawn W.


I love to save on gas at stop and shop…used to love the paper coupons where u could really stack up the savings! Would probably gift my $50 to my 18 year old son if I won – he is recent graduate and would appreciate it!


I use my card to save on gas all the time! Bargain shopper that I am! With my savings, I’d buy myself a big chocolate shake. (Seriously, have you seen how expensive shakes are?!)


Ooooh, $50 gas card. That would usher in a few more beach trips, I’m thinkin’. And, saving money? Yes please!


We save money on gas at a local gas station because of our Stop & Shop savings tracked on our grocery receipts. The only way to go, now that filling my car costs more than a night at a budget hotel.

I’d use the $50 I save on pool toys, munchies, and tequila to make some tasty margaritas.


Cheers to summah is right! I use my Stop & Shop gas rewards religiously and have been known to photograph AND post on Facebook my savings at the pump (love it when I hit $.40 off! JACKPOT! More rewarding than an hour at Foxwoods!). Heading to Stop & Shop tomorrow for my 4th of July cookout shopping and plan on building up my gas rewards points so I can go BACK to Stop & Shop and buy Relax wine for sipping poolside ’til September!


We love Stop & Shop!!
Here in friendly ‘Live free or Die’ NH, we can use our Stop & Shop card to rack up gas point by purchasing fireworks and beer. there’s a beautiful end cap display right next to the chip aisle.

I would love a $50 gas card. Can pour it into the tank of my sweet 1999 Tahoe and travel down to the cape to crash your muffintop vaca.

Woo hoo!


Totally saved on gas at S&S! Ours doesn’t have a gas station, but I do the Shell station points. Woot!
Planning our annual summer trip to Long Island in August and a gas card would help me save some extra cash so I can eat more NY pizza…nom, nom, nom.


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