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So your kids are all potty trained? How better to celebrate than with a present for you, mama! Don’t sell your old changing table for pennies on the dollar at a garage sale—- turn it into a cute, little bar! Summer is upon us! (I mean, supposedly it’s coming—last night we saw our breath when we were grilling, even though I want to gouge my eyes out from allergies. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Mother Nature is one dirty ho!) She can’t stop us from partying on, regardless of the weather. Charge!

You could use this fun bar inside or outside, on a porch or deck–it’s totally lightweight and portable, so if you are worried about the elements ruining it, it can easily be moved around. You could probably even add casters to the bottom and make it a rolling party—woot! How fun would it be to roll this around your street to the neighbors?!

I wish I had a before pic, but I did this a few years ago before it occured to me to DIY anything and actually post it.

Cheers, muffintopppers!

Cheers, muffintopppers!

This project took a few hours, tops. All you need is two cans of spray paint (I would use some that has primer included), and some contact paper–I found some adorable paper at Homegoods–they seem to have tons of fun designs.

Hope you have a wonderful summer, and as we kick it off this Memorial Day weekend, I want to thank all our veterans and their families who support them—they are the reason we can drink our adult bevys and grill our hot dogs! Cheers to them!






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What an awesome project. Was about to add a changing table to the garage sale pile but may be rethinking that now!


Love that


Thanks, @Dana and @Lisa!


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