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Sorry, I’m getting shouty. The thing is, I love pretty, shiny things just as much as I love me a bargain and I have some fun shizzy to share! I don’t know about you, but feeding and clothing these ever growing frat boys has seemed super expensive lately, not to mention paying for my domestic beer in a can and my penchant for pre-sliced party cheese. (How lazy are you–and by “you”, I mean, “ME!”,  to buy the pre-sliced cheese though, really? When you can’t even exert the effort to slice up the Cracker Barrel, girl, it might be time to take stock in yo’ muffin top!) Ah hell. I’m just living the dream, people, living the dream!!!!

On that note, I know I’ve talked Pinterest with you all before in this space. I’m still crushing on it, all these many months later. I haven’t made many things I’ve pinned, mainly because I’m WAY! TOO! BUSY! lazy not cutting cheese (Heh. Oh God, I live in a frat house and they’re winning because I actually found that funny?!), but I have gotten so many ideas that I vow to implement ASAP…in 2013.

Now, I especially retreated to Pinterest in recent weeks because during the height of political debate ugliness on Facebook and other social media outlets, Pinterest was my happy place. Ahhh. A place where everything was shiny and sparkly and pretty! A place where Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and foreigners could hug it out over some modge podge, too good to true BEST EVER 3-step recipes, and craftacular madness. And then, I saw it….a coral necklace that beckoned to me! “Pin me, muffintopmommy! But don’t only pin me, click through to my original source!” I clicked on the link and found this beauty:


I KNOW! Here’s the best part….it was only $15.00. And did I mention the necklace came with coordinating hangy earrings? (Let’s revisit lazy? My mom bob means my ears don’t show so I didn’t even put them on–those who have more???initiative might consider wearing them!) With reasonable shipping to boot, I was sold–can you say bargain?  I bought it knowing it would complement black, brown, grey—all my momdrobe staples with aplomb!

The great part to me is that the necklaces are sold by another blogger, and she was donating 5% of each sale to help the relief effort for Hurricane Sandy. I don’t know about you, but I would so rather my cash go to a small business person who will invest in her community than some big box store. Which got me thinking. I don’t often do product reviews, but I wore this beautiful gem to a blogging event last weekend and it really made my black top go from drab to fab. How did I know? I’d worn it many times but boom–with the necklace I got a ton of compliments with many inquiries as to where I got it. Same thing happened when I wore it to a school event. For less than $15 my boring black mom “uniform” got a whole new look at a price I could afford and still keep the frat house in unlimited Cheerios.

I’d planned to buy more in some other colors and also buy some for holiday gifts—what can you get for $15 that is this pretty? (Besides a 30 pack on a sick NH holiday weekend beer sale?) So, I decided to shoot the blogger an email to let her know how much I loved the piece and to see if she’d be interested in me featuring it here. The result is great news for us all! Right in time for the holidays, Bridget of Bridget’s Boutique is willing to give all the muffintoppers free shipping when you spend $50 or more, and with every purchase you make, if you put in “MUFFIN” (hee hee hee) in the coupon code box, she will donate 5% of your sale to Sandy relief efforts.

So why even leave the couch on Black Friday? If you’re like me, you can enjoy shopping from the comforts of home with your snowman pj’s on and maybe an adult beverage or two…..ahhhh!!! Bonus: no one will trample you!

As a thank you, Bridget provided me with the necklace on the far left in a beautiful teal–another showstopper!


AAAANNNDDD….here’s a close up:



What do you think, Muffintoppers? About time I hooked you up with some good intel, huh? Happy shopping!

Click here to check out the bling!

Happy Thanksgiving, muffintoppers. I am grateful for all of you who inhabit this space! :)


Disclosure:  I received a lovely necklace from Bridget’s Boutique, but my opinions, as always, are 100% my own!